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Växjö Station and Municipality house

Finalized project in cooperation with Skanska.
Skanska builded a 7 story wood structure to meet the demand for sustainability in construction, and it called for rethinking of processes, and strict risk management. 
SiteCover developed for the specific project extra long legs, extending to a height of 30,0m underneath the hook.

  • Project: Växjö Station och Kommun hus
  • Client: Skanska Sweden AB
  • Contractors: Skanska Sweden AB
  • Dimensions: 129,6m long and 43,2m wide with a height under hook of 30,0m.
  • Time schedule: Assembly 15 days. Operational from April 2019 to jan 2020
  • Crane capacity: 2pcs 12t hoists. Capable of lifting 24t together

Skanska has decided in close and good dialogue with the developer that weather protection should be used for wood construction, so the moisture protection of the wooden frame was therefore the main purpose. But because we keep the workplace dry, we have been able to start a large part of the work much earlier than would otherwise be possible. In addition, the working environment becomes much better when everyone can work indoors .

We are more than satisfied, and the weather protection has surpassed all our expectations”

Hans-Fredrik Helldahl, Distriktchef Skanska, Kronobergs län