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Novo Nordisk, F1 Extension in Målev, Denmark.

With Novo Nordisk ambitions to develop and deliver medicine to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases, time is at the utmost importance. By covering the entire construction site from day 1, all risk imposed by weather is eliminated, and site management was able to fully focus on the challenging task of building the extension to the existing building.   

  • Project: Novo Nordisk, F1 extension in Målev, Denmark.
  • Client: Novo Nordisk.
  • Site Management: Aarsleff A/S
  • Dimensions:  43,2 m long and 43,2 m wide with a height under hook of 20 m.
  • Time schedule: Assembly 10 days.  Operational from march 2021 to august 2021
  • Crane capacity:  2 pcs 12 t hoists. Capable of lifting 22 tons together.