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Bispebjerg Hospital, Lab-Log Building

Already in the early stages of planning a new Laboratory- and Logistics-building for Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, the client decided that the project was to be implemented under the protection of SiteCover. Hosting both research- and clinical biochemistry laboratories, unintended moisture and mold deposits in the construction were a no-go.

  • Projekt: Bispebjerg Hospital, Lab-Log Building
  • Client: The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Contractor: Aarsleff
  • Dimensions: 86,4 m long and 57,6 m wide with a height under hook of 24 m.
  • Timeschedule: Assembly 21 days. Operational from sept 2016 til sept 2017
  • Crane capacity: 2 pcs 12 t hoists. Capable of lifting 22 t together.

Eliminating the risks imposed by bad weather, increasing quality in the finished building, and improved work environment for workers on site, were the main reasons for The Capital Region of Denmark to choose SiteCover.