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SiteCover chosen for the Wisdome arena in Stockholm

A landmark for sustainable wooden constructions.

Wisdome Stockholm is expected to open in 2023 and will transform research and science into breathtaking experiences.

We are humble and proud that SiteCover is the solution chosen for the construction of the 1,325 square meter arena Wisdome Stockholm at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. Tekniska Museet in Stockholm’s Royal Djurgården is Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology with a vision to provide an innovative drive for a sustainable future. 

The experience-based arena for immersive 3D visualisations of science will become a landmark and a point of reference for what it is possible to achieve with sustainable wooden constructions. 
Building in wood is good for the climate, but a challenge as the material is sensitive to moisture.

SiteCover creates optimal work conditions for sustainable construction. With craning and weather protection in one simple solution, SiteCover have a positive gain on time, cost, risk, climate and working environment. 

This project also underscores the growing interest and use of SiteCover in Sweden. A significant part of SiteCovers projects are in Sweden and is expected to grow substantially in the years to come.