What is sitecover

SiteCover is disruptive technology for the construction industry, aiming to provide factory-like work environment for construction sites. The patented SiteCover solution reduces cost for contractors, avoids delays, and provides full crane coverage at the sites.

SiteCover is a modular system, with a clear span of 14 to 87m and a height of up to 30m. It provides full coverage for construction sites, is 100% waterproof, wind stable up to storm strength winds and has the strength to carry cranes with a capacity of up to 20 tons. The modularity allows for assembly and disassembly of 1000 m2 in just one day.

A SiteCover solution includes our own unique and specifically designed craning solution.

365 workdays

SiteCover is not just coverage of the construction site, it is a complete solution that delivers an entirely new framework of conditions for a construction sites. With coverage and sheltering from weather, a uniquely designed craning solution that outperforms other known mobile crane solutions, lights, and sound reduction are some of the keypoints SiteCover offers.

Our framework brings new possibilities for gaining an edge in competitiveness by making you able to work your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On-time deliveries otherwise dangered by bad weather, bad planning, et cetera is a thing of the past with SiteCover.

Gain control

There is no better way of making you know how much control a SiteCover solution can give you, than to emphasize the following: 

Control weather, control time and control gravity. 

With SiteCover covering your construction site, weather is no longer a variable in your work environment. 
Time is relative, and even more relative, when you are able to work outdoors 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

By using SiteCovers uniquely designed crane system, gravity is no longer a force to work against. With a workload of max. 5t, everybody is allowed to operate the cranes. Above a workload of 5t a certificate is needed.

Use SiteCover and shift your focus from risk- management and assessment to production streamlining. 

Your value

Our finest task is to ensure value creation in every link of the chain. This is achievable through a solution that helps the contractor, the architect, the on-site worker and the end-customer. The possibilities that SiteCover enlightens together with control and reduced risk, is the core behind this value.

To ensure the value is apparent and economically sane as well, we will deliver a case-by-case review of your project, and aid in planning it as a SiteCover project.